Sawo Innova Classic Separate Interface

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Tillverkare: Sawo
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Innova Classic S is traditional button-feel control which lets you adjust easily the temperature, humidity, ventilation and brightness of lighting in your sauna room. It has LED display that gives a red glow to make control display very visible and easy to read. It is packed with features such as: door sensor, pre-timer, smart energy-saving and steady and even power distribution!

Other items included when buying set of Innova Classic S Control:

- Contactor unit is very powerful with switching capacity up to 15 kW. However, if your heater is more than 15 kW, an additional contactor unit is needed. Together two contactor units can supply power up to 30 kW. Contactor unit is not included when only control panel is purchased. Control panel without contactor unit can be purchased in case if heater has a built-in contactor in the heaters case.

- Temperature sensor with over-heat fuses are with Cedar wooden covers and are included in the sets with contactor box. Combi contol set includes temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

- 4-meter RJ cable. This is to connect your interface and the Power Controller.

For more information please read manual.

Tekniska uppgifter:

Elmätning 230V ~1N
Max. belastning, 3 faser 15kW AC1 (3x5kW)
Max. belastning, 1 fas 9kW AC1
Frekvens 50/60Hz
Variation av reglerande temperatur 40-110°C
Styrenhets måttar (B x H x D) 180 x 105 x 31 (mm)
Ljus 230V 1N~,100W AC1
Fläkt 230V 1N~,0.5A
Grejer som ingår i pakatet RJ12 4m kabel-

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