1kg Glue for Himalayan Salt

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This glue for rock salt bricks is a special 2-component compound powder and is ready for use (to be mixed with the appropriate quantity of water).

Price for 1 kg.

Preparation and use:
The glue has the form of powder and is supplied in 1 kg bags in order to facilitate the preparation. Shake the powder in the bad thoroughly to ensure that both components are mixed well. Dissolve the required quantity of powder in water until you reach a saturated, uniform mass. Apply this mass promptly in thin layer to the surface of salt bricks and connect them with the other salt bricks.

The ready mass shall be used within 10 minutes!
The curing time of glue is approx. 3-4 hours. The dry glue mass is grey and not transparent. For this reason one needs to pay attention to remove the excessive mass of glue and to prevent the visible surfaces from gettin soiled with glue.

For 1 m2 glued surface:
1 bag with 1 kg glue and approx. 250 ml water.

For 5 m2 glued surface:
5 bags with 1 kg glue and approx 1250 ml water.

Because of the hygroscopic properties the glue has the maximum shelf life of 12 months in dry environment at 5 – 25°C.

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