Wooden Frame For Touch Screen, Aspen

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Manufacturer: Tulikivi


Installation instructions for the surface installation casing

The casing is made of untreated aspen and can be stained, varnished or painted. The casing has a hole for connecting cables at the bottom. If necessary, you can make a hole for the cable in another place using an 8 mm drill bit, for example.

1. Attach the casing with two (2) screws
2. Remove the embedding fl ange. Please note: embedding fl anges
are not used with surface installation casings
3. Spread the glue on the gluing area in the outermost indentation
4. Bring the connecting cable out of the casing and press the heater control unit into position in the casing
5. Remove any excess glue using a cloth moistened with washing-up liquid. 

The glue takes 24 hours to dry

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