Sauna Electric heater Helo MAGMA 181 BWT, 18.0kW

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Helo SKLA Magma for big, commercial saunas, which require durable, powerful and cost efficient heaters with rich steam and pleasant sauna atmosphere. Note ! SKLA 260 is controlled with the modern digital controls and SKLA 262 with traditional type control. SKLA 181 and 210 work with both alternatives. Both models take ca. 120 kgs of rocks which ensures good sauna bath.

Helo BWT is a passive steam generator that does not need a separate power supply as it utilises the radiant heat emitted by sauna heaters.

It is an air humidifier developed for electric sauna heaters that allows you to enjoy your sauna when its temperature is only 55–60°C. The device will keep the air in the sauna room more humid than usual throughout the sauna session. Being able to enjoy the warmth of the sauna at a lower temperature is based on the fact that air that is more humid feels warmer because airborne water droplets from the warm steam condense on the skin. Breathing is also easier at a lower temperature.

Stones are not included

Technical properties:

Water tank capacity L 2.0 L
Water tank
Steam function
Control unit Purchased separately
Fuse 3 x 16A
Connection cable 5 x 2.5 mm2
Supply voltage 400V ~3N
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling mm 1400.0 mm
Safety distance / front / back mm 140 / 160 / 160 mm
Stone capacity max kg 120.0 kg
Heater size (Width / Depth / Height) mm 900 / 520 / 715 mm
Sauna room size (min - max) m3 18 - 30 m3
Output kW 18.0 kW

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