Aries is equipped with impressive sized stone space and fast heating capability. Outer casing is made of stainless steel. Aries ARI3(Ø30cm) models have 65kg stone compartment and are most suitable for small and medium-sized sauna rooms. Aries ARI6(Ø36cm) models have 100kg stone compartment and are suitable for large-sized sauna rooms. It can be controlled either with built-in or separate control units. For built-in Aries models timer and thermostat controls can switch sides. This allows more flexibility for heater location. Aries-NS models which requires separate control unit can be integrated into the lower bench with the help of an integration collar.

Built-in Control Settings
Thermostat: Adjust the temperature of the sauna by simply turning the operating knob. Thermostat support automatically the chosen temperature.
Timer: The timer has 1-8 (white) hours presetting time and 1-4 (pink) hours operating time.

Stones are not included

Technical properties:

Water tank
Steam function
Control unit Purchased separately
Fuse 3 x 10A
Connection cable 5 x 1.5 mm2
Supply voltage 400V ~3N
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling mm 1900.0 mm
Safety distance / front / back mm 100 / 100 / 100 mm
Stone capacity max kg 60.0 kg
Heater size (Width / Height) mm 300 / 930 mm
Sauna room size (min - max) m3 3 - 6 m3
Output kW 4.5 kW

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